This is the very best Rock N Roll music ever recorded, as proven by the way each generation re-discovers my old favorites. It is cool to see teenagers cranking up the same recordings their grandparents did 30 years ago.  This Music is timeless.  Rock on! AC/DC, Accept, Aerosmith, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bad Company, Beach Boys, Beatles, Beck, Elvin Bishop, Black Oak Arkansas, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Blues Brothers, Boston, Brownsville Station, Cheap Trick, Eric Clapton, Alice Cooper, Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Rick Derringer, Doobie Brothers, Doors, Eagles, Foghat, Foreigner, Free (Rock), Golden Earring, Grand Funk Railroad, Grateful Dead, Great White, April Wine, Guess Who, Guns N' Roses, Hagar, Sammy, Head East, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Iron Maiden, James Gang, Jan & Dean, Jett, Joan & Blackhearts, Judas Priest, Kiss, Lenny Kravitz, Krokus, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Megadeth, Miller, Steve Band, Montrose, Motley Crue, Mountain, Nazareth, Ted Nugent, Poison, Elvis Presley, Queen, Quiet Riot, Rare Earth, Ratt, Rolling Stones, Roxx Gang, Skid Row, Steely Dan, Steppenwolf, Styx, Sweet, T. Rex, George Thorogood & Destroyers, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Walsh, Leslie West, The Who, Hank Williams Jr., Edgar Winter Group, ZZ Top

The Ultimate Rock N Roll Music Collection


See 2008 update below






November 2, 2000



Well, I finally decided to move into the "90s" and upgrade our music collection buy purchasing it all on CDs last week, something I have been trying to get around to for several years now.


When the smoke cleared, I had ordered 170 titles on 197 CDs, and saved well over $850.00 (including $150 in sales tax) by buying over the Internet, not to mention the time saved.  Isn't technology wonderful.


After listening to WLS (Chicago AM 890) for several years on the little red AM transistor pocket radio my Grandma gave me for Christmas when I was about 6 years old, I got my first record player and 45 rpm records in 1969. 


I continued buying music on vinyl LPs for my component home stereo turntable from 1974 up to about 1984.  At the same time, in 1975, as soon as I got my drivers license I "upgraded" to 8-track to play on that "Killer" Craig Powerplay based component stereo system I built in my infamous White Van (which I still own and have kept in mint condition which is remarkable considering all my poor van has been through). 


Around 1982 I quit buying 8-tracks and started buying cassettes and in 1988 I finally got around to upgrading everything to Cassette (the hard way - through local music stores).


One thing I find interesting is how many of the original bands and members are still performing even after 30+ years to sell out crowds and most of the early recordings are still bestsellers. 


What are the odds that the current pop and country music groups will be around (or even remembered) in 5 years? 


The difference is that this is the very best music ever recorded, as proven by the way each generation re-discovers “my” old favorites. 


It is cool to see teenagers cranking up the same recordings their grandparents did 30 years ago! 


This Music is timeless. 

Rock on!


Please let me know if you know of any title that you think is missing

and should be included in this Rock music collection.    Thank You!


Feel free to email me at:


This Email Address

This Email Address





2008 Update:



I believe I now have complete collections of all albums released by the following 156 rock and roll bands, which I consider to be the best bands of all time.  You will notice that most of this music is blues-based hard rock, southern rock, and AC/DC, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin style music (rock, heavy metal, blues-rock, hard rock).


I love all types of high-quality music. Sometimes I am in the mood for Surf Rock/Cars music like Beach Boys/Jan & Dean type music, other times Lynyrd Skynyrd type Southern Rock, and occasionally Outlaw Country music like Johnny, Waylon, and Willie.


I especially like highly amplified, electric guitar-driven hard rock music with prominent drums such as AC/DC, Grand Funk Railroad, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Kiss, the late 60's blues-influenced psychedelic and acid rock like Jimi Hendrix, and EARLY heavy metal bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, and Montrose. Just about any music with heavy use of distorted electric guitars, prominent drums, electric bass guitar, pianos and other keyboards.


To me any music that you cannot listen to and easily isolate any one part of the music (guitar, vocals, drums, bass, etc.) by itself, is just plain noise, being produced by pretenders that substitute volume, confusion, and ridiculous stage antics for the talent they lack. When was the last time you any quality musician jumping around, shaking their head until their brains are mush, or doing a goofy Britney Speers type dance on stage. Watch a video of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, or Joe Perry playing guitar and you will quickly see what I mean.


While I do not care so much for Folk Rock or Heartland Rock and do not like Glam Rock, Pop Music, Progressive Rock, I have absolutely no use for Soft Rock, Punk Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock, or Post-Punk crap (like U2), Rap, Grunge Rock, Britpop, Indie Rock, Nu Metal, or that damn Seattle Sound.


Right now my music library consists of 56,932 songs on 4,719 albums (more than 167 days total playtime without repeating a track). When I get a chance, I will add the album titles to this list.


My 25 favorite bands are shown below in red text





38 Special












Alice Cooper


Allman Brothers






April Wine


Bachman Turner Overdrive


Bad Company


Beach Boys






Bee Gees


Billy Joel


Black Label Society


Black Oak Arkansas


Black Sabbath


Blue Cheer


Blue Oyster Cult


Blues Brothers


Bobby Vinton (For Dora)




Brownsville Station


Bruce Springsteen






Charlie Daniels


Cheap Trick


Chickenfoot (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith)




Creedence Clearwater Revival


Cross Canadian Ragweed


Damn Yankees


Danger Danger


Dangerous Toys


Deep Purple


Def Leppard


Dolly Parton


Doobie Brothers




Dr Hook




Edgar Winter Group


Elvin Bishop


Elvis Presley


Eric Burdon


Eric Clapton


Firm (Paul Rodgers, Jimmy Page, Tony Franklin, Chris Slade)






Frank Zappa




Fu Manchu


Garth Brooks


George Thorogood


Golden Earring


Gov't Mule


Grand Funk Railroad


Grateful Dead


Great White


Guess Who


Grim Reaper


Guns n Roses


Hank Williams Jr


Head East


Highwaymen (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson & Kris Kristofferson)


Humble Pie


Iron Butterfly


Iron Maiden




James Gang


James Taylor


Jan & Dean


Jeff Beck


Jerry Reed


Jimi Hendrix


Joan Jett


Joe Walsh


Johnny Cash


Johnny Winter




Judas Priest


KC & Sunshine Band


Kenny Rogers


Kid Rock




Kris Kristofferson




Led Zeppelin


Lenny Kravitz


Leslie West


Lynyrd Skynyrd








Molly Hatchet


Montrose (Sammy Hagar)


Motley Crue








Ozzy Osbourne


Pink Floyd






Quiet Riot




Ram Jam




Rare Earth




Rick Derringer


Robin Trower


Rolling Stones


Rose Hill Drive


Roxx Gang




Sammy Hagar




Savoy Brown


Skid Row


Steely Dan




Steve Miller Band


Stevie Ray Vaughan












T. Rex


Talking Heads


Ted Nugent


Thin Lizzy


Three Dog Night


Todd Rundgren


Tom Petty & Heartbreakers


Tora Tora




Uriah Hepp


Van Halen


Van Zant


Various Artists (44 albums/collections total)


Velvet Revolver




Waylon Jennings






Willie Nelson


Wishbone Ash




ZZ Top


On January 13, 2009, I took Dora, Lisa, and Kimberly to see AC/DC in St. Louis (first rock concert the kids have ever been to).  After a lot of hard work, I came up with 4 floor seat tickets in the 5th row from the stage.  They performed several songs from their "Back In Black" album (the all-time best-selling album ever released by a band) and to experience it in person was something we will remember the rest of our lives.  The band could not have been more enthusiastic and Angus Young was at his very best. It has been 8 years since AC/DC toured in the USA (I was beginning to fear that we would not get to see AC/DC without traveling to Australia), and given the band member's ages (all ranging from Brian Johnson at 61 down to Angus Young at 53), it may be the last.



What's next?




Eventually, I plan to add some of the following bands to our music collection:




Other Southern Rock Bands I am considering:





Alligator Stew


Artimus Pyle Band


Asphalt Ballet


Atlanta Rhythm Section


Black Crowes








Danny Joe Brown


Delta Moon


Dickey Betts and Great Southern


Dixie Dregs


Doc Holliday


Drive By Truckers


Elvin Bishop


George Mccorkle


Georgia Satellites


Hayseed Dixie


Henry Paul Band






Little Feat


Mama's Pride


Marshall Tucker Band


Moon Dog Mane




Ozark Mountain Daredevils


Point Blank


Pride and Joy


Raging Slab


Rebel Meets Rebel


Savoy Truffle


Screamin Cheetah Wheelies


Sea Level


Steepwater Band








Toy Caldwell


Widespread Panic



Other Bands I am considering (mostly for Dora):





Bing Crosby (Christmas Music)


Bob Dylan


Bon Jovi


Bryan Adams


Buddy Holly




Chuck Berry


David Allan Coe


David Bowie


Dire Straits


Earth, Wind & Fire


Electric Light Orchestra


Elton John


Emerson, Lake, and Palmer


Fleetwood Mac




Iron Horse


Jason Bonham Band


Jefferson Airplane/Starship


Jethro Tull


Kings of Leon


Marshall Tucker Band


Neil Diamond


Neil Young


Pure Prairie League


Reckless Kelly


Robin Trower


Roy Oberson








The Four Horsemen


The Outlaws


The Stranglers


Tina Turner


Van Morrison





Specific Albums (for Dora):





Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell 01/30/1977


Michael Jackson - Thriller


Nirvana - Nevermind


Prince and The Revolution - Purple Rain 06/25/1984


Simon & Garfunkel - Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits 06/20/1972


Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life


U2 - The Joshua Tree




November 2, 2000

AC/DC Back In Black


AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


AC/DC High Voltage


AC/DC Highway To Hell


AC/DC Live-Special Collector Edition (2 CD Set)


AC/DC Razors Edge


AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip


Accept Balls To The Wall


Aerosmith Aerosmith


Aerosmith Get Your Wings

(3 Album

Aerosmith Toys In The Attic

Box Set)

Aerosmith Big Ones


Aerosmith Greatest Hits


Aerosmith Rocks


Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive (Mercury)


Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive II


Bachman-Turner Overdrive Best of BTO Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Remastered Hits


Bachman-Turner Overdrive Not Fragile


Bad Company 10 From 6


Bad Company Bad Company


Beach Boys Greatest Car Songs


Beach Boys Original Gold (2 CD Set)


Beatles 1967-70 (blue album) (2 CD Set)


Beatles Abbey Road


Beatles Beatles (white Album) (2 CD Set)


Beck Midnight Vultures


Bishop, Elvin Struttin' My Stuff


Black Oak Arkansas High On The Hog


Black Oak Arkansas Hot & Nasty-Best Of Black Oak


Black Oak Arkansas Raunch N' Roll Live


Black Sabbath Best of (Limited Deluxe) [IMPORT](2 CD Set)


Black Sabbath Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath Paranoid


Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear The Reaper: The Best Of...


Blues Brothers Definitive Collection


Boston Boston


Boston Don't Look Back


Boston Greatest Hits


Brownsville Station Best Of - Smoking In The Boys Room


Cheap Trick At Budokan-Complete Concert (2 CD Set)


Cheap Trick Greatest Hits


Clapton, Eric /B.B. King Riding With The King


Clapton, Eric Cream Of


Clapton,Eric Unplugged


Cooper, Alice Billion Dollar Babies


Cooper, Alice Greatest Hits


Cooper, Alice Killer


Cooper, Alice Last Temptation


Cooper, Alice Love It To Death


Cooper, Alice School's Out


Cooper, Alice Welcome To My Nightmare


Cream Very Best Of Cream


Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle-20 Greatest Hits - Vol. 1


Deep Purple Fireball


Deep Purple Machine Head


Deep Purple Made In Japan


Deep Purple Very Best Of Deep Purple


Def Leppard Vault-Greatest Hits


Derringer, Rick All American Boy


Derringer, Rick Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo-Best


Doobie Brothers Best Of Doobies


Doors Best Of Doors (2 CD Set)


Dr. Hook Greatest Hits (And More) - Note: This one is for Dora


Eagles Greatest Hits '71-75


Eagles Hotel California


Foghat Best Of Foghat


Foghat Best Of Foghat Vol. 2


Foghat Energized


Foghat Foghat (1st Album)


Foghat Foghat (Rock & Roll)


Foghat Fool For The City


Foghat Rock N Roll Outlaws


Foghat Stone Blue


Foreigner Very Best & Beyond


Free (Rock) Best Of Free (Downloaded – could not find on CD)


Golden Earring Continuing Story Of Radar Love


Grand Funk Railroad Capitol Collectors Series


Grateful Dead Skeletons From The Closet


Great White/April Wine Back To Back Hits


Guess Who Greatest Hits


Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction [PA] [Explicit Lyrics]


Hagar, Sammy Best Of Sammy Hagar


Hagar, Sammy I Never Said Goodbye


Hagar, Sammy Nine On A Ten Scale


Hagar, Sammy Red Voodoo


Hagar, Sammy Ten 13


Hagar, Sammy Unboxed


Head East Flat As A Pancake


Hendrix, Jimi Are You Experienced?


Hendrix, Jimi Blues


Hendrix, Jimi Electric Ladyland


Hendrix, Jimi Experience Hendrix-Best Of Jim


Hendrix, Jimi Live At Woodstock (2 CD Set)


Holly, Buddy Collection (2 CD Set)


Iron Maiden Best Of The Beast


James Gang Greatest Hits


Jan & Dean From Surf City To Drag City (2 CD Set)


Jett, Joan & Blackhearts Fit To Be Tied


Judas Priest Best Of-Living After Midnight


Kiss Destroyer


Kiss Double Platinum


Kiss Dressed To Kill


Kiss Hotter Than Hell


Kravitz, Lenny Greatest Hits


Krokus Definitive Collection


Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 2


Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 3


Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 4


Lynyrd Skynyrd All Time Greatest Hits


Lynyrd Skynyrd One More From The Road (2 CD Set)


Megadeth Hidden Treasures Ep


Megadeth So Far So Good...So What


Miller, Steve Band Living In The USA


Montrose Montrose


Montrose Paper Money


Montrose The Very Best Of Montrose


Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls


Motley Crue Greatest Hits


Motley Crue New Tattoo


Motley Crue Shout At The Devil


Motley Crue Too Fast For Love


Mountain Over The Top (2 CD Set)


Nazareth Greatest Hits


Nazareth Hair Of The Dog


Nazareth Hot Tracks


Nugent, Ted Cat Scratch Fever


Nugent, Ted Double Live Gonzo (2 CD Set)


Nugent, Ted Free For All


Nugent, Ted Great Gonzos - Best Of Ted Nugent


Nugent, Ted Intensities In Ten Cities


Nugent, Ted Nugent


Nugent, Ted Ted Nugent


Poison 1986-96-Greatest Hits


Presley, Elvis 50 Worldwide Gold Award Hits Vol. 1, Parts 1 & 2  (2 CD Set)


Queen Greatest Hits I & II (2 CD Set)


Quiet Riot Super Hits


Rare Earth Very Best Of Rare Earth


Ratt Ratt & Roll 8191


Rolling Stones Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass)


Rolling Stones Hot Rocks (2 CD Set)


Roxx Gang Things You've Never Done Before


Skid Row Forty Seasons-Best Of Skid Row


Skid Row Skid Row


Steely Dan Decade Of Steely Dan


Steppenwolf All Time Greatest Hits


Styx Greatest Hits


Sweet Best Of Sweet


Sweet Desolation Boulevard


Sweet Solid Gold Sweet (2 CD Set)


T. Rex Electric Warrior


Thorogood, George & Destroyers Anthology (2 CD Set)


Thorogood, George & Destroyers Baddest Of The Bad


Van Halen 5150


Van Halen Best Of Van Halen - Vol. 1


Various Artists Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (7 CD Box Set)


Various Artists The Ultimate Rock 'N' Roll Collection (2 CD Set)


Vaughan, Stevie Ray Greatest Hits


Vaughan, Stevie Ray Greatest Hits  - Real Deal -Vol. 2


Vaughan, Stevie Ray Texas Flood [Re-master]


Walsh, Joe Best Of Joe Walsh-Millennium C


West, Leslie As Phat As It Gets


Who My Generation-Very Best Of The Who


Who Who's Next


Williams, Hank Jr. Vol. 1-Greatest Hits


Winter, Edgar They Only Come Out At Night


ZZ Top Best Of ZZ Top


ZZ Top Eliminator


ZZ Top Fandango


ZZ Top Greatest Hits


ZZ Top Tres Hombres




Total Titles – 170                        Total CDs  – 197




Purchased From:

Black =  (October 2000)

Blue =  (October 2000)

Fuchsia = Circuit City (spring of 1998)





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