Description: 1970 Ford Torino COBRA - 429 SUPER Cobra Jet SCJ - For Sale by Owner - Ultra Rare - ALL ORIGINAL -


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2-DOOR SPORTSROOF (fastback with built-in rear spoiler)


429-4v SUPER Cobra Jet (SCJ) with Ram Air and Drag Pack


Ford’s equivalent of the LS-6 454 Chevelle and the 426 Hemi ‘Cuda,

Charger Daytona, and Road Runner Superbird, but faster


Unrestored and extremely original factory muscle

with its original engine still under the hood


For sale by private owner from the Shreffler collection


See a copy of the official deluxe Marti Report in with the pictures of this car

(full third-party documentation of the options that were factory installed on this Cobra from Marti Auto Works)


The rare original factory-installed options include:


  • 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Engine
  • Through-the-hood Ram Air SHAKER Hood Scoop
  • Drag Pack (special racing equipment package)
  • Special C-6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic
  • 3.91 Ratio Traction-Lok Rear Axle
  • Power Steering
  • Power Disc Brakes
  • High-Back Bucket Seats
  • Floor Shifter and Center Console
  • 8000 RPM In-Dash Tachometer
  • AM Radio
  • Color: Calypso Coral (Vermilion, Competition Orange)
  • Color Keyed Racing Mirrors
  • Argent Styled Steel Wheels
  • F70x14 Belted Tires w/ Raised White Letters


Contact phone 217-762-4846


Priced to sell 30% under market value


Don’t let this be the one that got away!


Contact seller before someone else does!



This car is available as of  on the “first one with the money gets it”.

This message box will be updated when this car is sold.  When it's gone…it's gone!  



Additional Details:


Thank you for your interest in this highly optioned 1970 Cobra which as you probably know with its original 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine is the fastest production Muscle Car Ford ever produced (faster than all the Shelby Mustangs, the Boss 429 Mustang, and second only to the 1966 427 A.C. Cobra (of which only 2 were ever actually factory produced so it really was not a production car and like the Corvette was not considered a Muscle Car) which is part of the reason why after easily beating out the Hemi ‘Cuda and LS-6 454 Chevelle, the 1970 Cobra won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award for 1970 and for good reason.


This is a very special car so please read the following information carefully because this is not a plain old Torino, Cobra, or Fairlane.  This is one of those cars that few people understand what it is or even know exists. 


This is the 1970 Ford Torino Cobra and this one came with an extremely rare an desirable factory engine option that does not appear on much of the 1970 Ford sales literature or car magazines of the time.  The three lesser engines; 429 Thunder Jet (360 horsepower), 429 Cobra (370 horsepower), or 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air) routinely do, but not the special high performance 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine option.


After playing with corvettes and muscle cars for more than 47 years, it is finally time to “thin the herd”.  To reduce the size of my private Corvette and Muscle Car collection, I am planning to part with at least 5 of the 24 rare cars that I own. 


One of these cars is the super rare 1970 Ford Torino Cobra offered here, well below market value at only $165,000 specifically to facilitate a quick private sale by owner on the "first one with the money gets it" basis.  For additional detailed information about this 429 SCJ Cobra, please read below or phone me at 217-762-4846.


This is the first time this spectacular Cobra has been offered for sale in more than 31 years.


If you want to learn about one outstanding, rare, and powerful muscle car, you need to take the time to read this listing.  Chances are you have never seen one of these before.


This beautiful Cobra is perfect for the big-block high-horsepower MUSCLE CAR kind of guy or gal, but unlike the 1966 427 A.C. Cobra, this Cobra is easily controllable by any average driver (walk softly but carry a big stick).


This is a stunning example of one of the fastest production cars ever built.  This is a very powerful car, designed for the adult driver.  If you appreciate power, grace, agility, and beauty, this is a car you will truly enjoy and treasure.


This is a true factory muscle car in every sense of the word.  Certified Ford Muscle, from the pinnacle of the muscle car era, with top dog powertrain and the most desirable color.  This Cobra can be the prized centerpiece of any Hi-Po Ford or Muscle Car Collection.


When not roaring down the highway or prowling the streets looking for its next drag race victim, this piece of Muscle Car history has obviously been garaged all of its life.


This is a very special Muscle Car so please read the following information carefully because I go above and beyond to give an accurate and honest description.  Most of the things I list here would be left out of most other seller's descriptions but I include them for accuracy and because I would want the same done for me.


Just to be clear, three terms you need to know (and that are further defined in detail below) are Ram Air which is the trough-the-hood SHAKER Hood Scoop induction package, Drag Pack which is primarily racing suspension package, and 429 SUPER Cobra Jet which is the special high performance version of the 429 engine.


Ram Air could be added with any of the four optional engines.  While entirely separate option packages, the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine option and the Drag Pack option were always ordered together (you could not get one without the other).  If the Drag Pack was ordered, the engine was upgraded to the top engine option of the available four, the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine.


Everyone and his dog claims to have a SCJ car, but after closer examination, you will discover that most of them are not, and never were, 429 SUPER Cobra Jet cars.  The car advertised herein is the real McCoy with absolutely no doubt whatsoever.




The extremely rare 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine in this Cobra IS THE ORIGINAL ENGINE that the Ford Motor Company factory installed in this Cobra on May 20, 1970 at the Lorain, Ohio Ford Assembly PlantNOT some “numbers matching” replacement engine someone put in the car 52 years later.


The 429 cubic inch displacement SUPER Cobra Jet (429 SCJ) engine was the no-nonsense, pure performance, top engine option offered by Ford in 1970, that when combined with "J" Code Ram Air, and Drag Pack options simply blew the doors off the Chevrolet and Mopar cars that were brave, foolish, or ignorant enough to go up against a true 429 SCJ car for money (or worse yet racing title for title for “pink slips”).  Just ask them and they all vividly remember the night they fell victim to that Cobra….52 years ago as if it was yesterday.  Not only did they get beat, but they got beat badly!


While the “Advertised Horsepower” was only rated 375 horsepower, we all know better (and why the manufacturers did this).


Keep in mind that it is not the additional 5 or 15 rated horsepower rating that is important, rather the actual SUPER Cobra Jet engine option – we all know the engines were far underrated to get past government regulators and insurance companies.  Actual dyno tests prove the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet actually put out nearly 500 horsepower (493.6 horsepower @ 6000 rpm and 503 ft-lbs torque @ 4600 rpm). 


To spite their assertions (many claiming to be factory SCJ cars), most 1970 Cobras you see advertised came with either the lower performance plain base-engine 429 Thunder Jet (360 horsepower), 429 Cobra (370 horsepower), or 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air), many of which had Air-conditioning, which is another dead giveaway, because like any true special high performance Muscle Car, AC was not allowed on the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet equipped Cobras. 


While the 429 Cobra (370 horsepower) and the 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air) engines came with the mild street hydraulic camshaft (Ford # C9AZ-6250-A), the high compression 429 SUPER Cobra Jet came with the same high-lift long-duration solid lifter camshaft used in the lower compression Boss 429 engine (Ford # D0AZ-6250-D) and many other racing engine components the lessor 429 engine options did not have (see below for more details).


The "N" code 429-4v "Thunder Jet" and "C" code 429-4v "Cobra" are not nearly as desirable as the "J" code 429-4v "Cobra Jet Ram Air", and none of those three are nearly as desirable or valuable as a Torino Cobra that came with the "J" code 429-4v "Cobra Jet Ram Air" and with the most powerful 429 SUPER Cobra Jet (375 horsepower) engine and Drag Pack options like this car did.


Many people mistakenly associate the J-code with the SUPER Cobra Jet engine option.  The J code in the VIN number simply means the Cobra came factory equipped with the Ram-Air shaker hood scoop.  In fact, the majority of the J-code Cobras did NOT have the special high performance 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engineThis Cobra is one of the rare few that DID come factory equipped with both factory Ram-Air shaker hood scoop and the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine with the Drag Pack!  The rest were the lower performance plain old 429 base-engine Thunder Jet (360 horsepower), 429 Cobra (370 horsepower), or 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air).


Another fact that uninformed people who are unfamiliar with these cars commonly misrepresent is when they ignorantly claim that the special high-performance SUPER Cobra Jet engine is just simply the addition of the Drag Pack option (oil cooler and special suspension) to a car having a Thunder Jet, Cobra, or Cobra Jet engine (or are trying to pass their non-SCJ car off as such), when the fact is that he SUPER Cobra Jet engine itself is far more and completely different internally than any of the three other available 429 engines.


The ultra-rare SUPER Cobra Jet engine was loaded with special high-performance components that the other three engines (Thunder Jet, Cobra, or Cobra Jet) did not have.  This confusion flame is further fanned by journalists who do not know the factual subject matter included here and by ill-informed people who incorrectly misrepresent 429 base-engine Thunder Jet (360 horsepower), 429 Cobra (370 horsepower), or 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air) as being SUPER Cobra Jet as being SCJ cars that never were.  If we were to believe all the advertisements, there are more SCJ cars on the road today than Ford built in 1970.   The car advertised herein is the real McCoy with absolutely no doubt whatsoever.


Many journalists do not even know the difference between a plain 429 Cobra Jet and the special high performance 429 SUPER Cobra Jet, but that does not stop them from spewing misinformation.  As an example of incompetent journalists spreading misinformation, one writer included a picture of an alleged SCJ Cobra in poorly written error laden article recently, noting the oil cooler and totally ignoring the fact that the car had an air conditioning compressor and NON-SUPER Cobra Jet Air Cleaner. Since NO SUPER Cobra Jet car EVER had factory air conditioning, obviously, someone had added an oil cooler to a NON-SCJ car, but it clearly fooled that ignorant journalist, who was apparently too lazy or stupid to do his own due diligence, even after the fact was brought to his attention.  He should have fact checked his article before embarrassing himself in public (like one of the Barrett-Jackson commentators does on a regular basis). 


This fabulous Cobra came factory equipped with and still has its original factory installed engine which is the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet (a.k.a. SCJ), that is the special high-performance SUPER Cobra Jet version of the 429 Cobra Jet consisting of a 4-bolt main engine block, higher 11:1 compression forged aluminum pistons, solid lifter mechanical camshaft, special heavy duty “football” connecting rods with special cap screws, heavy duty precision balanced crankshaft, flywheel, and harmonic balancer, high volume oil pump, advanced-design free-flowing high riser intake manifold, special cast aluminum valve covers & bright engine dress-up, special high performance cylinder heads with larger ports and large canted valves, header type exhaust, and much more.  Even with the street-friendly 3.91 rear axle, this top engine option was no street engine.


The 429 SUPER Cobra Jet power option package also included the Drag Pack which added components including the factory installed engine oil cooler, special competition tuned racing suspension, extra heavy-duty front stabilizer bar, extra heavy-duty front and rear springs, extra heavy-duty shock absorbers, dual exhaust, and etc., none of which came with the plain 429 base-engine Thunder Jet (360 horsepower), 429 Cobra (370 horsepower), or 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air).


If you are looking for a 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Cobra with air conditioning, forget it, because AC was never offered with the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine option. 


Likewise, all 429 SUPER Cobra Jet equipped cars were factory equipped with one of two rear axle ratios. ALL 429 SUPER Cobra Jet cars came with a rear axle code of "V" or "W" on the door data sticker ("V" code for 3.91:1 rear axle ratio or "W" code for 4.30:1).  Any Cobra that did not come factory equipped with either a 3.91 or 4.30 rear axle ratio, CANNOT be a real 429 SUPER Cobra Jet as these two ratios were the only ones allowed with the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet.


New for 1970, the Ram Air option was revised to include a new "shaker hood" where the scoop was attached to the top of the air cleaner assembly, and protruded through a hole in the hood.  The 'shaker' nickname came from the fact that it vibrated, or 'shook', when the engine was running.


A 1970 Cobra could have been ordered with several engine options and that while the Cobras equipped with the standard 429 engine came with stock suspension, the Cobra's that were factory equipped with the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine option also came equipped with the other special high performance equipment included in the Drag Pack option.




Most of the time a person would want a 4-speed transmission, however with street tires, the special C-6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic transmission was preferred for street racing in the COBRA because with the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet, the special C-6 Select Shift transmission equipped Cobra was much quicker in the 1/4 mile (13.63 vs. 13.99 for the 4-speed - and then only if the 4-speed driver did everything just right), whereas the average driver could easily run half a second faster with the special Select Shift version C-6 transmission.


One main reason was that the special C-6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic transmission's stall-speed torque converter would help minimalize tire spin at wide open throttle during launch from dead stop, whereas the 4-speed car would have to either slip the clutch feather the throttle (or both) to get traction, which depending on the skill of the driver, the 4-speed would cost a minimum 4-tenths of a second (professional driver) and usually as much as a full second in 1/4 mile elapsed time with an average driver (see actual performance documentation below).




1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet was basically a factory race car that Ford discouraged selling to the general public.


This engine set-up was capable of launching this intermediate size vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in only 5.8 seconds, and running the quarter mile in 13.39 seconds at 106.96 mph straight from the factory (see performance documentation below). 


In the fall of 1969 Motor Trend ran an article titled "a date with three strippers" that compared the 1970 Charger hemi 426, 1970 LS6 454 Chevelle SS, and the 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet.  The Ford went on to win the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award for 1970.


Motor Trend wrote of the Cobra, "The weight obviously helped traction, as it was fairly easy to accelerate away from a standing start with only a modicum of wheel spin”.


Motor Trend also tested a 1970 Cobra with a 429 SUPER Cobra Jet, 4-speed and 3.91:1 gears, and resulted in a 5.8 second 0 - 60 mph (97 km/h) time, with a 13.99 second quarter mile at 101.0 mph (162.5 km/h). 


Super Stock and Drag Illustrated bested that time, in their test of a Cobra equipped with the 375 HP 429 SUPER Cobra Jet, C-6 automatic, and 3.91:1 rear gears and were able to run the quarter mile in 13.63 seconds at 105.95 mph (170.51 km/h), however, this was after the carburetor had been modified (improved power valve, larger primary and secondary jets).


Super Stock and Drag Illustrated then fitted a pair of slicks to the same Cobra and ran a super quick 13.39 seconds at 106.96 mph (172.14 km/h).


This awesome Cobra is in the top 10 Fastest Muscle Cars list  produced by Mopar Muscle Magazine (of course, they found 2 rare tests in which 2 Mopars and 5 Chevrolets that ran ever so slightly quicker 1/4 mile times).


The 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet placed second in the "Super Ford" listing of the Ten Fastest Factory Fords, (January 1988) second only to the 1966 Cobra 427 and followed closely by the 1969 Boss 429.  The following times were recorded; 1966 Cobra - 12.20 at 118 mph, 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Cobra 13.63 at 105 mph, and the Boss 429 ran 13.68 at 106 mph.  The times were recorded during the actual production year by: Car & Driver - 1966 Cobra, Super Stock – 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Cobra and Boss 429.  See a copy of the actual list in the picture section of this listing.




The 1970 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Cobra is so rare that there has not been even one with all factory installed options this Cobra has go through any Barrett-Jackson, Mecum, RM (Rob Myers), Russo-Steele, or eBay Auction, let alone one that still has all of its original interior, engine, and driveline intact. 


Several plain old 429 base-engine Thunder Jet (360 horsepower), 429 Cobra (370 horsepower), and 429 Cobra Jet (370 horsepower w/ram air) have sold, but absolutely zero original engine documented 429 SUPER Cobra Jet (375 horsepower) Cobras. 


Keep in mind that it is not the additional 5 or 15 rated horsepower that is important, rather the actual engine option – we all know the engines were far underrated to get past government regulators and insurance companies, especially engines like the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet.


While some claim their car to be 1 of 1 built because it was the only one with a rear window defroster, factory installed cup holder, 6-cylinder engine, or unpopular paint color that does not make it desirable or valuable, no matter how rare.  This Cobra is Blue Chip investment grade vehicle both because of how extremely rare it is and it having come factory equipped with all of the most desirable options and color combination.


The majority were laid to rest years ago by way of drag strips, salvage yards, trees, car thieves, and so on.  Very few still exist and most are not of this quality and none as original as this one.


Remember that in the 1970 sales literature (for example see, Ford marked the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine package in the Cobra specifically to drag racers, knowing that a win over the weekend meant sales on Monday, even of the lesser Torino models.  As a result, naturally most 429 SUPER Cobra Jet cars were purchased solely for drag racing and never survived that.  The ones that did lost their original engine and drivetrain as normal expendable parts that wear out during the normal course of racing use and upgrades.  The cars themselves were often cut up for the installation of tunnel rams, roll cages, larger tires, narrowed rear ends, altered wheelbase chassis, etc..  Remember there were thousands of local drag strips in 1970, and each seemed to have at least one rich (or factory sponsored) guy that could afford a 429 SUPER Cobra Jet that nobody could beat.


In 1970, only 502 Cobras came with the Orange paint and black deluxe interior with high-back Bucket Seats this one has (not all of the 502 had the Floor Shifter and/or Center Console) and very few of those (I am told less than 20) came with the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Engine.  Factor the rest of the desirable factory installed options, like Ram Air Shaker Hood, Drag Pack, 3.91 ratio Traction-Lok rear axle, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Console, Tachometer, AM Radio, black Turin knit high-back Bucket Seats, Color Keyed Racing Mirrors, Argent Styled Steel Wheels, F70x14 Belted Tires w/ Raised White Letters, this Cobra is most likely one of only a handful highly optioned Cobras ever produced and this one may be the only one still in existenceOne thing is for sure, this one is the most untouched original of the 20 built.




While the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is and always has been a good reference for current market value of late-model cars like a 5-year old Toyota Corolla or Ford Taurus, for more than 40 years now they have not been accurate when appraising rare muscle cars older than 1972, simply because they cater to their membership (new car and truck dealers who deal exclusively with late-model vehicles) and as such monitor sales through dealerships and more often wholesale dealer auctions. 


For example, the NADA formula just guesses and makes up numbers from thin-air since they have no actual sales tracking of cars like this or they would not include pricing for phantom 1970 Torino Cobra options that never existed like they do with 302/220 HP, 351/300 HP, 428 CJ/335 HP, 428 SCJ/360 HP, 428/335 HP, and even pricing for a 6 Cylinder engine version. 


Obviously the NADA database does not include any actual sales of 1970 Torino Cobras with factory installed 6-cylinder engines (the minimum engine available in the 1970 Torino Cobra was the 429) and as such none of their pricing data has any validity whatsoever.  The NADA does not even know that this car was manufactured, let alone what it is worth today.  Only a rank novice would even consider NADA a source of information when it comes to collector cars older than 1972.


The value of this Cobra is easily more than double that of the NON-SUPER Cobra Jet engine (and no Drag Pack, competition suspension, or performance rear axle ratio) Grabber Blue car, that only had a bench seat (no high-back bucket seats or center console), manual brakes (not power disc brakes), with just a “numbers matching” (i.e. non-original replacement engine) and sold for $110,000.00 including buyer commission in that was recently restored and repainted for resale (I am told by people who saw the car in person that the restoration was mediocre at best).


Likewise, the value of this Cobra is easily 25 to 30% more valuable than the 1970 Torino GT (not even a Cobra) that was restored for resale, with just a “numbers matching” (i.e. non-original replacement engine) and no Ram-Air SHAKER hood scoop, that sold for $181,500.00 (amount the buyer paid - $165.000.00 plus the 10% buyers commission) in ....not to mention the horribly dreadful maroon & white color combination.


While many are advertised to be SCJ cars (even on the rosters of major auction companies), upon closer inspection they turn out to be just regular CJ cars (or that fake that has been sold and resold several times lately).


I challenge anyone to show me a genuine 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet of equal quality, originality, options, and distinguished provenance as this one has, that has sold for less than $230,000.00 in the last 10 years.


Cars like this one are so rare that it may very well be that none have sold publicly.  As is often the case when rare cars like this are offered for sale, word spreads, parties make contact, communicate privately, and a private transaction occurs confidentially without the rest of the world knowing it.


The best gauge of market value of this ultra-rare Cobra is that it will naturally follow the value of other comparable cars in its class and peer group including the far more common 426 Hemi powered cars like the Hemi ‘Cuda & Challenger, Charger Daytona, and Road Runner Superbird, Chevrolet cars like the LS6 Chevelle SS454, Yenko 427 Camaro, COPO 427 Camaro, Nickey 427 Camaro, ZL1 427 Camaro, L88 Corvette, and other Ford cars like the Boss 429 Mustang, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500, etc. 


Just look at a few comparable sales recently (Mecum sale prices do not include the additional 10% commission buyer paid) (I did this research 9 years ago and the market value has risen since then):


$550,000 - 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot S266)

$490,000 - 1963 Shelby Cobra 289 (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot S226)

$475,000 - 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Nova (Mecum Indianapolis 2012 Lot S133)

$451,000 - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 Lot 5010)

$401,500 - 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda (Russo and Steele Scottsdale 2011 #9019)

$400,000 - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1  (Mecum Indianapolis 2012 Lot F330)

$400,000 - 1967 Chevrolet Nickey Camaro (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot S193)

$385,000 - 1967 Chevrolet Nickey Camaro SS (RM Arizona 2112 Lot: 261)

$345,000 - 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot F234)

$325,000 - 1967 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro (Mecum Indianapolis 2012 Lot S134)

$308,000 - 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T (RM Arizona 2112 Lot: 243)

$305,000 - 1969 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot S199)

$260,000 - 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 (Mecum Indianapolis 2012 Lot F340)

$260,000 - 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Chevelle (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot F223)

$260,000 - 1957 Ford Thunderbird (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot F228)

$258,500 - 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2011 Lot 12950)

$253,000 - 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 (Russo and Steele Scottsdale 2012 #1396 Run # S726)

$250,000 - 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback (Mecum Indianapolis 2012 Lot S169)

$247,500 - 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 Lot 1250.2)

$242,000 - 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2011 Lot 1010.2)

$240,000 - 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger (Russo and Steele Scottsdale 2011 #9088)

$236,500 - 1970 Plymouth Cuda 440/6 Convertible (Russo and Steele Scottsdale 2011 #9148)

$225,500 - 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger (Russo and Steele Scottsdale 2011 #9015)

$225,000 - 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda (Mecum Indianapolis 2011 Lot S143)

$220,000 - 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30 (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 Lot 1256.1)

$220,000 - 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 Lot 1295.1)

$209,000 - 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 Lot 961)


There was not a single 1970 COBRA - 429 SUPER Cobra Jet in the auction fields, which is not unusual considering that a genuine 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet of equal quality, originality, options, and distinguished provenance as mine is far more rare than the cars I listed above.


For your convenience, I have provided the web addresses and phone numbers of the 25 largest Muscle and Collector car auction companies in the world below.  NONE of them has EVER sold a genuine 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet of equal quality, originality, options, and distinguished provenance as this one has. 


Don’t take my word for it, review their past sales on their websites and/or phone them yourself.  Demand to see the Marti report, verify with Marti Auto Works that the report is not a forgery, ask the auction house for a VIN certification, and verification that it is not a “re-bodied” vehicle, especially on recently “restored” cars.


Artcurial,, +33 1 42 99 20 20

Auctions America by RM Auctions,, 954-566-2209

Barrett-Jackson,, 480-421.6694

Bonhams & Butterfields, , 415-861-7500

Branson Collector Car Auction, , 800-335-3063

Carlisle Auctions, , 717-243-7855

Christies, , +1 415 982 0982

Coys, , 020 8614 7888

Fantasy Junction, , +1 510-653-7555

Gooding & Company, , +1.310.899.1960

H&H Auctions, , 08458 334455

Hollywood Wheels, , 800-237-8954

Kruse International, , 260-925-5600

Leake, , 1-800-722-9942

McCormick's Auction,  760-320-3290

Mecum, , 815-568-8888

MidAmerica Auctions, , 651-633-9655

Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions, , 760-320-3290

Peterson Collector Cars, , 541-689-6824

RM Auctions, , +1 519 352 4575

Russo & Steele, , 602-252-2697

Shannons Auctions, , 03 8588 0809

Silver Auctions, , 800-255-4485

The Branson Auction, , 800-335-3063

Worldwide Auctioneers, , 800-990-6789


Paint Color - Wolf in Sheep Clothing


The original factory applied paint is still on this Cobra.  The color is Calypso Coral paint (Ford #1730-A) which was called Competition Orange on Mercury cars (not Grabber Orange) and Vermilion.  This is Fords Version of GM’s Hugger Orange and Mopar Hemi Orange, but far prettier – almost has a pearl glow (see an example of the original orange color in the picture section of this listing). 


In an effort to disguise it for street racing, the original owner changed hoods, removed all external Cobra and 429 insignia, and painted this Cobra silver, so this Cobra still has all of its original Calypso Coral Orange paint underneath (I never got around to it, but my plan was to wet-sand it back down to its original factory applied paint - a lot of work, but keeping a car of this caliber original is worth it).  Presumably, since the original paint has been covered and protected as it has for all these years, it is most likely still in perfect condition.


Feeling this Cobra looked a little like Pam Anderson without her implants, I reinstalled the original shaker 31 years ago.  Other than that, this Cobra is in exactly the same condition it was when I bought it on September 14, 1991.  This is “The Cobra in the Barn”.




This extraordinary Cobra is in excellent original condition (not a "restored" car) and an extremely original low mileage Cobra (odometer reads 50937.4) that still has THE original engine that was installed at the Ford Factory under its Ram-Air Shaker Hood as well as THE original interior.


This is one of the nicest most original Cobras you will ever find.


To look at this Cobra in person is like stepping out of a time machine that would take you back to 1975 and finding a virtually untouched 5-year old big block Cobra.


Most Hi-Performance Factory Muscle Cars have had their engine compartments stripped and refinished so many times, that even the car doesn't know what was original, let alone the owner.


Since this Cobra has not been "restored" or modified most everything is still in its original location and finish, further documents the authenticity


This INVESTMENT QUALITY Big Block Cobra is one of the most original Muscle Cars in existence.  You are looking at a one-owner 1970 totally documented Cobra (original owner/driver plus two custodian owners who stored this Cobra).  None of that he said she said, or I think BS.  No questions as to the history and true authenticity of this Cobra.


The odometer on this vehicle shows only 50937.4 original miles, which I have every reason to believe to be the actual mileage based on the body structure and overall condition.


The interior is all original, as is the original racing black grill, its original bright metal drip rails, full belt molding below side windows, bright metal wheel lip moldings, and "racing black" back panel appliques.


All original sheet metal, floorboards, trunk floor, hood, roof, trunk lid, fenders, doors, and other body panels.  No Rust or repair ever.


Perfect rust free body.  The undercarriage, chassis, suspension, floor pans, trunk floor are simply exceptional, very clean, rust-free, and look pretty much like they did when new, as well as factory date-stamped sheet metal found throughout.  Not so much as a single door ding in 52 years!


Included with this Cobra (in addition to the hood currently on the car) is the original Ram Air shaker hood ("Racing Black Hood" - orange with blacked-out center and factory twist type exposed hood lock pins) that the original owner replaced with a flat (non Ram Air) Cobra hood to further disguise this Cobra for street racing.


This Cobra still has the fangs it was born with and even today the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet is a mythically powerful beast that few knowledgeable car guys will tangle with on the street.


Not just some “numbers matching” replacement engine.


THIS COBRA STILL HAS ITS ORIGINAL ENGINE UNDER THE HOOD - THE ORIGINAL NUMBERS MATCHING ENGINE THAT FORD INSTALLED IN IT AT THE FACTORY along with the rest of the original FACTORY INSTALLED Drag Pack components, such as the External Engine Oil Cooler and the special competition racing suspension tuned for NASCAR (that amazingly rides almost as smooth as a Cadillac does) which includes the extra heavy-duty front stabilizer bar, extra heavy-duty front and rear springs, extra heavy-duty shock absorbers.  The faster you go, the better it rides and handles, thanks in large part to the aerodynamic body design, built in rear spoiler, and special race tuned suspension.


Remember that most of these Cobras lost their original engines more than 51 years ago and that people advertising cars with “numbers matching” engines mean that the engine in the car now has is a re-stamped replacement engine, or the seller would state that it was the original engine as this Cobra  has.


The only things that are not original are the radio, mag wheels, rear shackles, and headers, however since they have been on the car for 52 years, I feel it is important to leave everything exactly as is for the next owner since they are easily changed simple bolt-on items.


In my notes from the conversation I had with the original owner when I bought this Cobra, he told me that he removed the rev limiter as soon as the engine had 500 miles on it (break in) because he street raced the Cobra and 6150 RPM was not enough (he shifted at 6500).  Even though 6500 RPM may have been slightly above the peak horsepower, he found the Cobra ran quicker 1/4 mile times because after the shift, the engine was within its best usable power range and accelerated better.


A car is only original once and today's car collectors often prefer their investment grade cars unrestored, in what is called "preserved" condition, looking every bit as old as they are.


One thing I have always treasured was the opportunity to buy a car or engine parts exactly “as is”.  What I mean by this that I would rather buy the good, the bad, and the ugly, exactly as they are, rather than after they are “reconditioned” for resale.  This way I know exactly what I am buying, who did the work and how, and exactly what I have when I am done (i.e. nothing faked or hiding under fresh paint, etc.)


All of the cars in the Shreffler collection are of irrefutable authenticity.  In addition to the fact of traceable origins and documentation, none of these cars have ever been re-bodied.  They were never lost to time, they have not been built around a roof panel, or a firewall, or a front fender, or a trunk lock.  They are the real cars that went down the assembly line exactly as they are represented today.


This is a well-documented original 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet.  The value is in its history and originality.  This car is a bargain because it is real.  There have been several rare cars brought back from the dead with less than 2 square feet of original sheet metal (or what is left of a fire damaged bare frame) and then sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  They are beautiful but they are clones.  They are being found out and shunned at the auctions when offered for resale.


There were many 429 Cobra Jets produced, but very few 429 SUPER Cobra Jets (like the difference between a LS-5 and a LS-6 454 - night and day!), most of which lost their original engines more than 51 years ago because the guys that paid so much extra for the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet did so for one reason and one reason only…to run the hell out of it and as a result most of the original 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engines had a drastically short lifespan.  429 SUPER Cobra Jets were not ordered by grandmas.


While Cobra's that were factory equipped with the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet engine are appraised at double the value of one having the standard 429 Cobra Jet engine (plus 20% for Ram Air Shaker Hood), I have yet to personally document the sale of a true 429 SUPER Cobra Jet equipped Cobra, that still had its original engine and drivetrain.


Additionally, many of the Cobras I have seen, even if they are fortunate to be the number 1 most desirable color (Orange), do not have the factory installed optional deluxe interior, black Turin knit High-Back Bucket Seats, Floor Shifter and Center Console, In-Dash Tachometer, 3.91 Ratio Traction-Lok Rear Axle, Competition Suspension, Power Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Color Keyed Racing Mirrors, & etc. like mine came with (and still has) as is well documented by the third-party Marti Report on this Cobra.




This heavily optioned 1970 Cobra 429 SUPER Cobra Jet came factory equipped with Shaker hood and Drag Pack, and was fitted from the factory with an extensive list of optional equipment


The massive 429 engine in this Cobra is topped off with Ford's “meaner than mean” looking fully functional ram air set-up, arguably the best looking of all factory shaker hood scoops.


This awesome Cobra was born with all of the best options, including the optional console between the high back bucket seats, the “ribbon” in-dash tachometer.


It really attracts attention with its great looks.  People will beg you to open the hood to display the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet with its Ram-Air shaker hood scoop.  People are always amazed when they take a closer look and notice things like the factory installed engine oil cooler.


One look at this Cobra in person, it is clear even to a novice that this Cobra is the real need for slick talk, tricky verbiage, or games here.


This Cobra came with the optional and popular SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission, which offers a choice of manual shifting or completely automatic operation.  The Cruise-O-Matic can be up-shifted or down-shifted at various speeds for excellent driver control.


See a copy of the official deluxe Marti Report in the picture section of this listing (full third-party documentation of the options that were factory installed on this Cobra from Marti Auto Works in conjunction with Ford Motor Company).




Born on the high-banked ovals of NASCAR stock car racing, the Cobra became an instant high performance legend in the hands of the likes of Dave Pearson, A.J. Foyt, Benny Parsons, and Richard Petty.


Fully revamped in 1970, the Cobra took on a new look that was sleeker, wider, longer, and far more performance savvy on both the street and track.  Utilized quite successfully in NASCAR, the new Cobra continued to lead in a sea of factory muscle cars at the height of an era.


Famous for drag racing, but originally built to race Talladega this Cobra has a suspension unlike any I have ever experienced before.  Obviously tuned to race Talladega & Daytona, it is extremely firm, yet maintains a smooth ride without the typical sway when changing lanes.


Be sure to see the picture of Richard Petty working on a 1970 Cobra for the 1970 NASCAR season (in the picture section of this listing).  It would never be used as Petty switched to back Plymouth before the end of 1969.


Ford enjoyed great success on NASCAR's high-banked oval tracks and the superspeedway "aero wars" were in full flower in 1970.  Spurred by Ford's tapered-nose, fastback 1969 Torino Talladega and Mercury's Cyclone Spoiler II, the predecessor of this Ford Torino Cobra, had the perfect wind-cheating shape for NASCAR superspeedway racing.  Their dominance goaded Chrysler to develop and produce the outrageous Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Road Runner Superbird.


In 1970, Ford said of the Cobra: "Shaped in a wind tunnel, and refined by the wind at Daytona, Talladega, Riverside, and Darlington.  Wind shaped.  Aerodynamic.  Made to move like the wind."




While this Cobra is already fully documented through the Marti Report that proves the authenticity of this 1970 Cobra, its rare 429 SUPER Cobra Jet original engine, and other factory installed options, if you tell me where to look, I bet this Cobra still has its original build sheets in it somewhere.




I welcome the opportunity to meet so you (or anyone you wish to bring or send) can examine this Cobra personally.  This Cobra is available virtually any time for your inspection by appointment, which I welcome and encourage. 




This 1970 Cobra is located at my home in Monticello Illinois, halfway between Champaign and Decatur Illinois, 1 hour east of Springfield Illinois and 2 hours from Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.




I hold the clear title to this Cobra for the last 31 years.


I assume you are interested in knowing all the same information I sought when I bought this Cobra.  In the pursuit of my car hobby, I have been on enough "wild goose chases" due to poor descriptions over the years to value an accurate description.  I assume you do as well, so I will be as complete and accurate as possible (no games here).


I have always searched for straight, solid, un-molested, and well-preserved original cars for my collection.  Furthermore, I have always preferred to buy a car that had not been previously “restored” as I preferred to see exactly what I was getting and know that it was genuine.  In most cases, I have sought cars that came equipped from the factory with as many of the most desirable options as possible (especially special high performance options).  I bought this Cobra on September 14, 1991 from the second owner with the intention of keeping it in my collection indefinitely.  However, since I have kept buying cars and never selling any, my garage is so full I no longer have room to work, so I must sell a few cars to regain space in which to play with my toys again.


I am a private party selling at least five of the cars out of my personal Corvette and Muscle Car collection and while I am not a car dealer, where applicable, the terms of this transaction shall be in accordance with the Sales Information and Policies of my business.  Since this is a private transaction, you will not be required to pay sales tax.


All but three of the fine automobiles in my collection are a combination of well-restored and/or excellent original condition.  I have owned most of these cars more than half their life, longer than any other person (35-47 years).  As you might have gathered from this listing and my websites and, my primary involvement in the Muscle Car world is and always has been driven by my love for the cars that to me are the ultimate works of art.  I am not a dealer (the last time I sold any car before these was more than 43 years ago and have regretted selling that one ever since).  I bought and/or restored each of my desirable collector cars, with the intention of keeping them forever.  However, since I have kept buying cars and never selling any, my garage is so full I no longer have room to work, so I must sell a few cars to regain space in which to play with my toys again.


Perhaps a phone conversation would be the best way for us to exchange information as to the exact description, condition etc.  Please be assured that you will find my information accurate and precise.  If you wish to phone me at your convenience, I can be reached at 217-762-4846, or if you wish to send a phone number, I can call you.


Many of you already know me as the founder, owner, and proprietor of Lightning Speed Shop.


Chances are we may have already done business by phone or met in person decades before the Internet came along, especially if you attended any major car show in Illinois or Indiana during the 1980s or 1990s when we were very active in the regional car show and swap meet circuit, so much so, that one year the promoters of both Super Chevy Magazine and the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show (the world's largest Corvette event) used half page photos of our awesome display in their materials to promote and publicize their car show events for the entire year.


You may remember me as the guy at the show with the hot wife and all the engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and carburetors (typically 75+ pairs of cylinder heads and more than a dozen Corvette tri-Power assemblies and so much more - 15,000+ pounds of parts on display for sale at every show) which is why ours was one of the most photographed displays printed in countless car magazine articles.


Along with Super Chevy Sunday and Bloomington Gold, we were also regular vendors at the both spring and fall Chevy/Vettefest Nationals (world's largest all-indoor Chevrolet and Corvette event) and the Motorama car shows held at McCormick place in Chicago, the Hoosier car show held inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at Indianapolis, and the Peotone Illinois swap meet each year.


Before the Internet, we advertised heavily in Hemmings Motor News Magazine, Chevy/Corvette Buyers Guide Magazine, Vette Vues Magazine, and 76 other publications doing 90% of our business with customers worldwide from our shop here in Monticello Illinois, supplying the Corvette and Muscle car world with engines, parts, and consultation.


As a 45-year veteran racing engine builder and restoration engine specialist, I have always focused on hard to find High-Performance Corvette and Chevrolet Muscle Car Engine Parts for use in both restoration and competition for the years 1962 to 1972.


Now what's keeping you from being the only person in the world to own such a rare and collectable artifact of Muscle Car history?


What?  You have read all the way down to here and still have not picked up the phone and called.  Why not?  What are you waiting for?  Better refresh this page because someone else may have started reading before you and already bought this car.



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