Description: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-Door Hard Top Sport Coupe PS, PB, PG, PP 283 4-bbl - For Sale by Owner - UNRESTORED ORIGINAL -


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2-Door Hardtop


V-8 Sport Coupe


Unrestored original


For sale by private owner


From the Shreffler collection


First time offered for sale in 22 years


Original factory-installed options include:

·        Electric Wipers

·        Power Steering

·        Power Brakes

·        Powerglide Transmission

·        Tinted Windows

·        Dual Exhaust

·        Power Pack 283 V-8 4-bbl

·        Rare Color - Tropical Turquoise


See the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet!


Contact phone 217-762-4846


Priced to sell 47.3% below market value


Don’t let this be the one that got away!


Contact seller before someone else does!



This car is available as of  on the “first one with the money gets it” basis.

This message box will be updated when this car is sold.  When it's gone…it's gone!  



Additional Details:


After playing with corvettes and muscle cars for 38 years, it is finally time to “thin the herd”.  To reduce the size of my private Corvette and Muscle Car collection, I am planning to part with at least 5 of the 22 rare cars that I own.


One of these cars is this 1957 Bel Air 2-Door Hard Top Sport Coupe - PS, PB, PG, PP 283 4-bbl offered here, well below Market Value at only $29,900 specifically to facilitate a quick private sale by owner on the "first one with the money gets it" basis.  I also have this car advertised locally under the same "first one with the money gets it" basis.  Recently appraised at $56,760, this car will not last long at this reduced price. While other collector car values fluctuate up and down, the classic 1957 Bel Air 2-Door Hard Top Sport Coupe has remained constant and always appreciating .


All but 3 of the fine automobiles in my collection are a combination of well-restored and/or excellent original condition.  I am not a dealer (the last time I sold any car before these was 33 years ago and have regretted selling that one ever since).  I bought and/or restored each of my desirable collector cars, with the intention of keeping them forever.  However, since I have kept buying cars and never selling any, my garage is so full I no longer have room to work, so I must sell a few cars to regain space in which to play with my toys again.


This 1957 Bel Air (not the 150 or 210 model - BelAir was top of the line) is the most desirable and sought after of all 19 models offered in 1957 (second only to the Bel Air convertible).  This car is the 2-Door Hard Top, Sport Coupe model and has several rare factory-installed options including Electric Wipers, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Powerglide Transmission, Tinted Windows, Dual Exhaust, Power Pack 283 V-8 4-bbl, and is a fine example of an investment grade, original unmolested (not a street rod or “restored”) 1957 Bel Air in excellent condition.  This car still has all of its original sheet metal, including the original rust-free trunk floor.  Other than the custom Cragar S/S Super Sport wheels and new P225/70SR15 Radial G/T tires, chrome air cleaner, and chrome Corvette valve covers (same as original but chrome) this car is all stock.  The 4-door 57 that sold at Barrett-Jackson for $100k only wishes it were this nice.


I assume you are interested in knowing all the same information I sought when I bought this 1957 Bel Air.  In the pursuit of my car hobby, I have been on enough "wild goose chases" due to poor descriptions over the years to value an accurate description.  I assume you do as well, so I will be as complete and accurate as possible (no games here).


I have always searched for straight, solid, un-molested, and well-preserved original cars for my collection.  Furthermore, I have always preferred to buy a car that had not been previously “restored” as I preferred to see exactly what I was getting and know that it was genuine.  In most cases, I have sought cars that came equipped from the factory with as many of the most desirable options as possible (especially special high performance options).  I bought this 1957 Bel Air VIN VC57N14xxxx on May 4, 1991, from the previous long-time owner with the intention of keeping it in my collection indefinitely.  However, since I have kept buying cars and never selling any, my garage is so full I no longer have room to work, so I must sell a few cars to regain space in which to play with my toys again.


As for my personal search for a genuine 1957 Bel Air – 2-Door Hard Top Sport Coupe, I found it very difficult to locate a 1957 that had not been “restored” or hot-rodded.  Equally important to me was that it is a factory V-8 model Bel Air, both of which we know from the “VC” in the Vehicle Identification Number (V=V8 and C=Bel Air).  I would have settled for nothing less.  It seemed that all the ‘57s I ran across were for sale by dealers and/or had been recently “restored” (i.e. fake or done for profit) allowing little or no way to verify authenticity and with documentation that that was questionable at best (as were most of the dealers).  Since I preferred to buy from a private party (and preferably a long-term owner), I ran ads offering a $500.00 cash finder's fee in 1980s dollars ($1,408.77 in 2013 dollars factored for inflation) in over 80 publications for over two years as well as passing out thousands of fliers at car shows to find this 2-door 1957 Bel Air Sport Coupe.


I have the original title history back to 1967 when it hit a dead-end due to a clerk putting the V.I.N. in the previous document number location.  I never got around to searching further, however if it is important, a person could search further by V.I.N, especially since most state records are now computerized, as opposed to microfilm as they were when I did the title search 22 years ago.  The engine numbers do not match but the rest of the drive train and car is very original and unmolested.  This car is still its original color; Tropical Turquoise, however the paint code on the trim tag reads 811-D which is the Two-Tone Combination India Ivory over Tropical Turquoise (originally had an India Ivory bonnet).  The black interior is in excellent condition.  The car came to me with a 1965 283 engine in it which looks completely stock and original.  This is the first time this car has been offered for sale in over 22 years.  Coincidentally, it just so happens that in 2010, Tropical Turquoise was the Pantone color of the year (PANTONE 15-5519 to be exact).


The main options I found desirable when I bought this car are Electric Wipers, Power Steering, Power Brakes, four-barrel carburetor coupled with a dual-exhaust package known as the "power pack 283".  Between myself and its previous owner (friend of mine for more than 36 years), we owned this car since long before anyone ever started caring about originality.  In those days, these were sought after solely for building into hotrods, street machines, drag cars, and even dirt track stock cars.  I have made no changes to the car whatsoever since I bought it and I believe the only thing he did was change the wheels back in the 1970’s (the air cleaner and Corvette valve covers were on it when he bought the car as I recall).


This beautiful car has been treated with the utmost care. I never even drove this piece of automotive history in the rain or snow and like most of the cars in my classic auto collection this car was leisurely taken out only on sunny days with no precipitation in the forecast. About 26 years ago I did get caught 4 blocks from home one time when it started to sprinkle while driving one of my other cars, but never with this car.  When not being driven, it has always been carefully tucked away in my garage, safely away from direct sunlight.


Other than replacing the mufflers and fuel pump 20 years ago, I have made no changes to this car as long as I have owned it.  I would have to check my records, but I cannot remember ever having to add air to the tires (only car in my collection I can say that about).  Before this car, I never had a car that didn't have to have air added at least every 5 years or so.  It takes me at least 4 hours to check the air pressure in the 123 tires and spares on my cars, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles, which is part of the reason I am reducing the size of my Corvette and Muscle car collection.


The odometer reads 00163 which I assume = 100,163 and would be 20% past the average life of any engine 48 years ago, so I assume the engine was replaced in 1965 as most 8-year old cars would have 80,000 to 96,000 miles on them by that time.  The old "but they are all highway miles" statement might actually apply to this car, given its condition - 55 years with no dents, dings, scratches.  As tight as this car is, it is surprising it has even that many miles on it.


I can find no evidence of body filler and the sheet metal including the trunk floor, and body panels appear to all be original and unmolested.  This car has obviously been garage kept all its life.


I am told that many 1957 owners did not like the new gold bars on the front fender and had them deleted (as they do today with the fender ornamentation on the new Cadillac Escalade).


I do have a pair of the correct valve covers and will be happy to trade them for the chrome Corvette valve covers that are on the car now.


The front grill and emblems are all gold color.  This car also still has all of its other 1957 Bel Air only features not found on cars in the lower models ranges such as the chrome headliner bands, chrome moldings on front fenders, chrome window moldings, instrument panel aluminum insert, electric clock, bright metal seat moldings, & etc.


I hold the clear title to this 1957 Bel Air for the last 22 years.


I welcome the opportunity to meet so you (or anyone you wish to bring or send) can examine this 1957 Bel Air personally.  This 1957 Chevy is available virtually any time for your inspection by appointment, which I welcome and encourage. 


This 1957 Bel Air is located at my home in Monticello Illinois, halfway between Champaign and Decatur Illinois, 1 hour east of Springfield Illinois and 2 hours from Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.


The ’57 Chevy is one of the most recognized icons in the automotive industry.  Stylish and Sporty the there’s no doubt that it is one of America’s best and most loved cars.  The 1957 Chevrolets remain a favorite with hot-rodders and classic car enthusiasts.  This is THE car to have.  Having celebrated its 55th anniversary, the 57 Chevy is unquestionably the most popular collector car of all time.  One of the most recognized cars in history, everyone knows a 57 Chevy when they see one, even people who know nothing about cars.  I cannot remember the last time I saw a magazine rack that did not have at least one 1957 Chevy on the cover of at least one of magazines on display.


Value has done nothing but gone up without exception.  This is one of the best examples of an unmolested original 57.  It is stunning.  This is a rust free car, 35-year old paint is still a mirror finish, and body is arrow straight (remarkably after 56 years, not so much as a door ding).  All chrome, moldings, rubber etc are in good condition.  Everything works effortlessly.  The engine rumbles ominously.  Underside, trunk, interior, and engine compartment look 10 years old.  Cars just like this usually sell for $70,000 and up.  Buy now or pay more later.


Looking at the pictures I see that the hood may not have been closed all the way.  The hood is not sprung or bent, opens & closes smooth & effortlessly, hinges have no play and the latch is crisp, just like a new one, as do the doors and trunk lid.  I would say that all of the body panels are aligned as well as when these cars were new.  This car has not been modified in any way over the 22 years I have owned it.


I do not know if the interior is original, but it is at least 40 years old and in perfect condition.  A 1955-1957 expert looked this car over in 1991 and remember him telling me that this car was impressingly original.  I believe it was he that told me that it has always had a 4-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust, what he called the Super Turbofire 283 a.k.a. Power Pack 283 model (not 2x4-bbl or Fuel Injection).  I have never looked for a build sheet, but if they had them in 1957, I assume it is still wherever they stuck them back then (let me know where to look and I will check to see if I can find it for you).


This is such a wonderful car and the questions I have received have made me go out and look at and give this car more thought than I have in many years.  So much so, that I am now having reservations about selling it.  Of the 22 years I have owned this car, for the last 16 years it has been sitting in my garage bay just on the other side of a window here beside my desk.  While I see it every single day, I don't really look at it, if you know what I mean.


I am a private party selling at least five of the cars out of my personal Corvette and Muscle Car collection and while I am not a car dealer, where applicable, the terms of this transaction shall be in accordance with the Sales Information and Policies of my business.  Since this is a private transaction, you will not be required to pay sales tax.


All but three of the fine automobiles in my collection are a combination of well-restored and/or excellent original condition.  I have owned most of these cars more than half their life, longer than any other person (20-35 years).  As you might have gathered from this listing and my websites and, my primary involvement in the Collector Car world is and always has been driven by my love for the cars that to me are the ultimate works of art.  I am not a dealer (the last time I sold any car before these was 33 years ago and have regretted selling that one ever since).  I bought and/or restored each of my desirable collector cars, with the intention of keeping them forever.  However, since I have kept buying cars and never selling any, my garage is so full I no longer have room to work, so I must sell a few cars to regain space in which to play with my toys again.


Perhaps a phone conversation would be the best way for us to exchange information as to the exact description, condition etc.  Please be assured that you will find my information accurate and precise.  If you wish to phone me at your convenience, I can be reached at 217-762-4846, or if you wish to send a phone number, I can call you.


Many of you already know me as the founder, owner, and proprietor of Lightning Speed Shop.


Chances are we may have already done business by phone or met in person decades before the Internet came along, especially if you attended any major car show in Illinois or Indiana during the 1980s or 1990s when we were very active in the regional car show and swap meet circuit, so much so, that one year the promoters of both Super Chevy Magazine and the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show (the world's largest Corvette event) used half page photos of our awesome display in their materials to promote and publicize their car show events for the entire year.


You may remember me as the guy at the show with the hot wife and all the engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and carburetors (typically 75+ pairs of cylinder heads and more than a dozen Corvette tri-Power assemblies and so much more - 15,000+ pounds of parts on display for sale at every show) which is why ours was one of the most photographed displays printed in countless car magazine articles.


Along with Super Chevy Sunday and Bloomington Gold, we were also regular vendors at the both spring and fall Chevy/Vettefest Nationals (world's largest all-indoor Chevrolet and Corvette event) and the Motorama car shows held at McCormick place in Chicago, the Hoosier car show held inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at Indianapolis, and the Peotone Illinois swap meet each year.


Before the Internet, we advertised heavily in Hemmings Motor News Magazine, Chevy/Corvette Buyers Guide Magazine, Vette Vues Magazine, and 76 other publications doing 90% of our business with customers worldwide from our shop here in Monticello Illinois, supplying the Corvette and Muscle car world with engines, parts, and consultation.


As a 35-year veteran racing engine builder and restoration engine specialist, I have always focused on hard to find High-Performance Corvette and Chevrolet Muscle Car Engine Parts for use in both restoration and competition for the years 1962 to 1972.


Now what's keeping you from being the only person in the world to own such a rare and collectable artifact of American Car history?


What?  You have read all the way down to here and still have not picked up the phone and called.  Why not?  What are you waiting for?  Better refresh this page because someone else may have started reading before you and already bought this car.



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Description: Description: For Sale by Owner; 1967 Corvette 427 3x2, 1957 Bel Air 2dr Hard Top, 1970 Torino Cobra 429 SCJ, 1972 Lincoln Mark IV, 1973 Lincoln Mark IV, 1967 Chevelle SS396 375 hp, 1969 El Camino SS396 375 hp -



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